Payment Request API

For easy implementation to call payment request API, this API protocol is using request parameter to send transaction data and Return Redirect URL.

The link for payment button on merchant's web page to allow customer to activated WeChat Pay Wallet payment process.

👉 Once WeChat Pay payment process finished, web browser will be redirected to the following newURL defined by the merchant according to its own business needs with receiving Alipay payment result.××××&orderld=××××&amount=××&newURL=××

☑️ Prefixed URL  

☑️ Request Parameters(need to be encoded)

*️ merCode

merCode is the merchant payment key. Once a merchant accept OTT Pay WeChat Official Account service , OTTPay operation team will send this code through welcome email.

*️ orderId

orderId is a customized order ID provided by merchant. Once an order is placed, merchant need to send this order ID.

*️ amount

Amount of the order. Merchant need to send the amount to OTT server.

👉 Note: The number is based on cents, which means 100 for 1.00 dollar.

*️ newURL

newURL should be the web page URL for merchants to present the order processing result. It is set by merchant website URL to be called from OTTPAY API with payment process result.

After payment process finished, the result will be sent back by redirecting to the following payment result Web Page URL link.


☑️ Redirect URL Parameters (need be URL decoded)

*️ newURL

newURL is a customized page for pay order process result receiving from OTTPAY and present to consumers who made the order payment.

*️ amount

amount is the request amount of the order from the merchant. Number, 1.00 for 1.00 dollar.

*️ orderID

orderID is the requested order ID, from the merchant's request.

*️ tranID

tranID is the order number returned from WeChat Pay.

*️ Status

status shows the result of the payment. Payment succeed returns " success", payment failed return "fail".

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