API for Mobile App with WeChat Pay

For WeChat Pay Only

Production API Endpoint:


本指南适用于在App 应用内完成微信支付的场景

In-App支付是指用户打开商户的程序应用,商户通过调用OTT PAY提供的API接口调起微信支付钱包来完成支付。

This guide is for payments with WeChat Pay in mobile Apps.

In-App payment API is for customers using merchants’ mobile app, with OTT Pay provided API to activate WeChat Pay wallet to make the payment.


  1. Merchants enabled OTT Pay InAppPay service with contract.

  2. Merchants register the account, upload the App at https://open.weixin.qq.com. Provide the AppID to OTT Pay to finish the payment configuration.

☑️ 场景介绍 Introduction of Usage

1️ 用户在商户mobile app程序选择商品,点击结帐,如下图示:

customer select the item and click 'pay' in merchant’s mobile app, as shown below:

2️ 用户进入结帐付款页面选择微信支付,如下图示:

The customer get into the payment page and choose WeChat Pay, as shown below:

3️⃣ 用户点击“微信支付”按钮,通过 调用OTT InAppPay API调起微信支付钱包,用户输入正确密码后,用户手机端出现微信支付成功提示页面,如下图示,同时商户根据OTTPAY返回的支付结果展示相应的订单处理页面:

After the customer clicked “WeChat Pay” button, by using OTT In-App Pay API to activate WeChat Pay wallet. Once the customer entered correct password, the customer’s end will show “Payment Successful” page, as shown below. Meanwhile, the merchant will show the payment finish page with result returned from OTT Pay.

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