Merchant Activation Procedure

After confirming your online payment methods, our team will cooperate your technical team to enable online payment.

Account Opening Procedure

1. Visit OTT Pay official website and click "Register" to enter your contact information, or call 1-800-688-9838. Our account manager will contact to you to discuss about detailed information.

2. Sign the contract and provide related application materials. After verification, OTT Pay will open the service for you.

3. We will provide related developing documents. If there is any technical issue, our stuff will help your team with the payment integration.

Application Materials

To active your account and integrate with the payment services we will need you to provide following documents:

1. Application Form

2. Scanned merchant registration documents (screenshots of querying result with registration number can also be used if necessary)

3. Scanned identity documents of legal representative

4. Screenshots of web page/app/mini program/official account (3 or more)

5. Website URL or the name of your app/mini program/official account.

6. WeChat appid (for WeChat Pay In-app payment and Mini-program payment)

7. Scanned void cheque or bank account transaction record(detailed transaction can be omitted)

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