Merchant Activate Procedure

With only 3 steps to enable OTT Pay service.

Account Activate Procedure

1. Visit OTT Pay official website and click "Register" to enter your contact information, or call 1-800-688-9838. Our account manager will contact to you to discuss about detailed information.

2. Sign the contract and provide related application documents. Your account will be activated once approved.

3. POS terminals, marketing materials will be sent to your store. The training will be provided by our highly skilled team.

Application Materials

To active your account, we will need you to provide following documents:

1. Application Form

2. Scanned copy of the business license

3. Scanned copy of the main contact

4. 3 pictures (1 inside, 1 outside, 1 of the location where the device will be used)

5. Void cheque of the business's account is needed for transaction settlement. It may also be used for pre-authorized debit for service fee.

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